ENGAGE.EU Inno-preneurship Space

This space aims to support students to collaborate with society stakeholders to develop Inno-prenuerial ideas and practices

Welcome to ENGAGE.EU Inno-preneurial space

The Space are a physical and digital layer which promote a collaborative and open collaboration between students, scholars and variety of stakeholders. The Space aims to support the development of innovative entrepreneurial ideas having a sustainable and inclusive impact on society. Inno-preneurs will have access to different tools, methodologies and processes that will enable you to have an impact on society. Inno-preneurs could access this information online or at Luiss physical Inno-preneurial Lab at Luiss LOFT.

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The Class Lab enable inno-preneurs to communicate from remote, to share information and access specially designed tools. The Webex platform will support the interaction and provide dedicated spaces where inno-preneurs can organize independently videocall, chat and meetings. You can also access Webinars, Lectures and Workshops that will enrich your skills.


The Co-Design Lab support inno-preneurs to work collaboratively to their own project ideas. You can access specific mural canvas that will support the prototyping of innovative solutions. Inno-prenuers thanks to the co-design of the projects can create synergies and integrate their own experience.


The Home Lab will provide a repository space where inno-preneurs can collect and share materials. The Home Lab will be the house of the project ideas, where the different intermediate outpus, founding materials and past experiences are stored. Find your inspiration! Access the Luiss Learn page.

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ENGAGE.EU is an alliance of leading European universities in business, economics, and the social sciences, which aims to provide European citizens the set of skills and competences needed to tackle major societal challenges. These existing and new challenges, such as digitalisation and artificial intelligence, climate change, ageing societies and migration, must be tackled successfully to ensure a sustainable and positive future. ENGAGE.EU will inspire active societal engagement in the current and future state of Europe – and beyond.


The LOFT promotes and develops creative activities thanks to its flexibility and the many spaces it makes available, namely: an information point, an area dedicated to coding with three special stations, a space reserved for video editing with green screen, video-camera and microphones, a hi-tech cinema and an open space with 3D printers and various Arduino, Raspberry, LEGO Mindstorms and Makeblock kits.


The Master of Science in Law, Digital Innovation and Sustainability equips experts in innovation – and in particular, students with a legal or managerial background – with the instruments necessary to interpret the current digital and ecological transitions in society and the economy, offering them a solid legal background with equally strong interdisciplinary, managerial and technical knowledge based on both social and hard sciences. Its open, ethical, and collaborative enquiry-based methodology is framed by the LUISS efforts towards an entrepreneurial and engaged university in which learning is challenge and project-based.